How to style a Rolex Submariner

Ever wondered if it would be possible to put on a different watch strap on to your Rolex?
Well the easy answer is “yes” its possible for 95% of the watches. 5% being watches with a special attachment to the case.

I’ve already done a blog post around the topic focussing mainly on why watch styling is becoming more and more popular – you can find it HERE

Here are 3 options how you can style your Rolex Submariner, apart from using the metal bracelet.


  • The formal version

The Submariner is a super versatile watch and can not only be used in a casual way, but if styled correct it can even be worn to formal events. I paired it with a white lizard print strap.


  • The colourful version

It’s safe to say that this watch can almost pull off any colour combination, but to play it safe this time I paired it with a blue genuine alligator strap.


  • The sporty version

Diving comes natural to the Submariner and so it has to be resistant to water. That is why I decided to pair it with a HIRSCH performance strap called George. The strap has a caoutchouc core and is combined with calf leather in alligator look and a red contrast stitching. This combo will definitively keep you save even at depths of up to 100m under sea level.


The sporty combo is probably my personal favorite out of the 3 looks shown here, because it will not only work well during any type of sport but it also looks good combined with a leather jacket.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know!


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