How watch styling is becoming mainstream

Style is something truly unique to a person. It develops over time and it can show the mood someone is in.

Personal styling is becoming more popular due to the need of feeling unique and that is why many brands are tapping into the field of personalization and individualizing their products for the consumers.


The same applies to the watch industry. A few years ago you could only see colourful straps on women’s watches and still today it is the bigger market, but men are slowly also realizing that they too can match their watches to their style. A movement that had been started by the fashion brands is now moving toward the Swiss premium watch brands. With even top tier watch manufacturers offering more colours and styles of their watches. Even offering colourful alternatives to their watch straps.


I personally try to match my wrist game to my style on a daily basis, one day you might be seeing me wearing a NATO strap on my Rolex Submariner on other days it can be a green suede calf leather strap or even something more exotic like an alligator strap.


In my opinion it really comes down to what your personal style looks like and I do feel that there are a lot more possibilities to style ones watch than a couple of years ago.

So go give it a try and if you post them on social media be sure to tag me or use #dressofawatch so I can see your styles.


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