The new BREITLING Cosmonaute

I’m back from my trip to Switzerland and there is a new Breitling watch that I’d like to show you. Thanks to Breitling for the Invitation. 

The new watch is the BREITLING Cosmonaute. 

Back in 1962 Breitling developed a watch for Astronaut Scott Carpenter. He wanted a watch that can be used to calculate the flight but also show the the 24 hourse including day and night on Earth accurately. Carpenter turned to Breitling for help and they created the first Cosmonaut. The actual watch from Scott Carpenter was shown at the Event too. It was actually the first time it was ever shown to the public.

The first Swiss wristwatch in space_Scott Carpenter’s original Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute worn during his Mercury-Atlas 7 mission in 1962_RGB

Why does it look so odd you might ask? Well when Carpenter came back from space he landed in the ocean and the watch was heavily in contact with salt water in addition to being in space. Later Scott Carpenter sent the watch to Willy Breitling to have it repaired. Willy Breitling decided to keep the original watch and instead sent him a new Cosmonaute. The actual piece that went to space was kept secured as a piece for the museum.  

Breitling Navitimer B02 Chronograph 41 Cosmonaute Limited Edition_Ref. PB02301A1B1P1_RGB

Exactly 60 Years later Breitling decided to develop a new Cosmonaute watch. Following Breitling’s modern retro style the watch features a lot of the design cues from the OG piece. It has a case diameter of 41mm which makes the watch very wearable and has a brand new hand wound movement that was specially developed for this watch. Additionally the new Cosmonaute features a platinum Bezel and the signature 24h dial. It is limited to 362 pieces and retails for 10.200€ (on the alligator strap)

Overall a great watch and I was totally surprised on how slim the 41mm felt on the wrist. Honestly I really like the watch. It also has 22mm lugs so perfect for you strap aficionados out there 😉 

If you want more details on the watch feel free to watch my review:

Cheers, Nikolaus

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