Rolex Novelties 2022

So whats new at Rolex?

A lot and nothing to be quite fair. As per the usual, what Rolex is also known for, they have improved their existing models. To the extent that we now have a lefthanded GMT Master 2. We were all surprised to say the least but to be fair it’s kinda cool, but more on that later.

First let’s discuss Rolex in general. I had the pleasure of getting an appointment (actually I was able to accompany my friends who had an appointment 😂) where I was able to go hands on with a few of the novelties. Yes it was awesome. I know have scented Rolex candels in my home.

First novelty we need to go into is the new Air-King. It has a new professional case and crown guards. Making it more in lin with all the other sports themed models. It also now has a better looking dial, they’ve added a 0 at 1 o’clock to make the dial more balanced. The Air-King still remains at it’s core of what it is – a unique Rolex watch.

Then there is the obvious one the new GMT Master 2 lefthanded – intital thoughts were “this is awkward” but now after going hands on I do understand. For me as a lefty it’s a no brainer even if I wear my watches on the left anyway 😂. Watch comes with a green and black bezel very fitting I’d say. Overall a great watch and will definitely be very popular.

Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II

Next up the new platinum Day-Date with fluted bezel. Yes Rolex is finally able to make fluted bezels in platinum and they look amazing to say the least. Fluted Bezel now comes both in the 36 and 40mm versions.

Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40

There is a new Yacht-Master in yellow gold in 42mm and I like it. There is also a new dial variant in 42mm and white gold called falcons eye. And there is a new gem set Rolex too namely the Yacht-Master 40mm SABR with a beautiful sapphire and diamond set bezel inspired by the Aurora Borealis. Priced at 75150€ 

Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 40

If you want to see more I’ve filmed a whole video on the Rolex novelties. You can find it here:

Cheers, Nikolaus

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