The best gift for watch lovers!

The next season of gifting is just around the corner! So let me tell you what you can do to make a fellow watch lover happy by simply picking up one of these 3 gifts (or all if you like that 😉).

1. Watch Straps You know I love watch straps and styling my watches! HIRSCH has an awesome selection of watch straps –

2. Watch Roll I love the watch rolls from Wolf 1834 – 3 Watch Roll (
There is also one from HIRSCH –

3. Swatch Whats the thing every watch enthusiast loves? Clearly it’s a watch! Swatch is a big name with a lot of history and especially a lot of amazing and stylish very affordable watches. If you ever need something special or classy to spice up your outfit pick up a swatch –

Enjoy the episode!
Cheers, Nikolaus

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