Waterproof watch straps?

In this episode I talk you through the best options for the occasion that you might get yourself and your watch wet & dirty (intentionally or not). One of the most important factors to look for is water resistance especially if you have a leather strap or similar materials.

All straps used are from HIRSCH the bracelet The 3 straps I used for the video are the following:

1) Caoutchouc (premium rubber) strap This is for sure the best option to go for simply because the rubber material is fully waterproof and super durable. For cleaning simply wash it off in lukewarm water and for this material you can even use a little bit of soap.
Strap: Accent https://bit.ly/3pCl0h2

2) NATO strap This is another great option especially great in summer. They come in many colors and patterns and offer great style too. While they can easily be washed and are very resistant to water and dirt they tend to stay wet for quite some time so bear that in mind.
Strap: Rush https://bit.ly/3j6tsCx

3) Hybrid Straps (caoutchouc / leather) These are my personal favorites. They combine the best of both worlds, meaning the style and texture of leather and the flexibility and water resistance of caoutchouc.
Strap: Andy https://bit.ly/3pFkE9c

Enjoy the episode!
Cheers, Nikolaus

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