The new BREITLING Premier Heritage Collection

After last years magnificent relaunch of the Superocean Heritage 57, Breitling managed to succeed again in bringing back fantastic timepieces from its long history.

Inspired by the inventive spirit of Breitling’s founders, the new Premier Heritage Collection is for the modern and discerning man of impeccable taste. These exquisite timepieces are the brand’s most elegant and refined.

“This heritage-inspired design with a stylish modern twist embodies some of Breitling’s most famous innovations, and revives Breitling’s legacy of inventing the modern chronograph. This truly is our heritage revived,” says Georges Kern of Breitling’s timelessly elegant new collection.

The 3 new models pay homage to the brands very own Squad of founders Léon, Gaston and Willy Breitling. All three of which were heavily involved in moving the brand forward with their great ideas.

To get an overview of the idea behind these models check out the 8min long Webcast episode:

The first of the 3 new models the 40 mm Premier Heritage Chronograph is manually wound, just like its 1940s equivalent and powered by the Breitling Manufacture Caliber B09. Style wise it is definitely worth a try, especially the variation with the magnificent and refreshing pistachio-green dial encased in stainless steel. There is also a second option with a 18k red gold case and creme colored dial.

The Premier Hertiage Duograph is the new 42mm model that comes with a rattrapante function. Enabling the wearer to measure two elapsed times simultaneously thanks to its two superimposed chronograph hands. The model comes in both steel and 18k red gold cases and offers a blue and black dial. The black dial version being an absolute stunner in my opinion and will definitely attract some looks. This model houses the hand-wound Breitling manufacture caliber B15 .

Now let’s come to my personal favorite of the new Premier Heritage collection – The Premier Heritage Datora. Like its 1940s predecessor, the 42 mm Premier Heritage Datora also stands out for its highly visible and complex functions, namely its day, date, and moon-phase displays. And by now some of you might already know that salmon (or in this case copper) dials and dial windows are among my favorite features of a watch. This model is powered by the Manufacture Caliber B25 and again available in steel or 18k red gold

Which of the 3 models would you go for?

Cheers Niko!

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