Classic blue Jeans a white top and a watch

Styling is a very important subject for me. It is what I do on a daily basis and not only with my own outfits but I also help others improve their styling and dress their watches.

For example I’d like to show you how I match my watch and accessories to a very simple and casual outfit. One of my favorite outfits is a combining a simple white top like a sweater and blue jeans. I’m sure each one of you has this colour combination at home. Not only do white and blue go exceptionally well together but they are also fresh and very easy to wear.

Personally I try not to mix to many colours with each other (there is a great colour guide by my friend Jean-Claude on his blog HERE however it’s in german). When it comes to accessories, watches and especially straps play a major role in my opinion. They can elevate the style and add finishing touches.

I tend to follow 2 key principals when adding accessories (watches and straps)
– Nr 1. I match them to the colours of the outfit (here blue and white)
– Nr 2. I add colour through my watch or watch straps.

For this specific outfit I choose to go with my first principal namely to pair the watch to the overall outfit and matching the colours of pants and top. That is why I went for my @swatch Trésor Magique with a blue alligator embossed leather strap. The case is made of platinum and the dial is a mix of gold and blue. The watch perfectly compliments the outfit.
If in any case I would need to dress up the outfit I would add a blue hat and a blue blazer. However for now, this style is perfect for my home office situation and I personally just love seeing white and blue together.

Let me know if you liked this style of post and let me know how you style your watches?

Cheers Niko!

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