A watch nerds guide to holiday gifting (2020 edition)

The season of giving is finally here. And with that comes the yearly struggle of what to gift? Well don’t sweat I have asked my watch community what they would like to receive ‑ so you don’t have to.
You will see that a lot of these are no brainers but I have added one or two things you might not expect.

Hope you like it and it helps ✌️

  • Watch storage / winders

We all have this problem, where should we store and keep our watches. Winders are an essential part of storage ‑ especially because it keeps your watches on time 😉.
I like this one bei @wolf1834 because firstly it looks great and secondly you have additional storage on top for another watch and jewelry or straps.

Check them out HERE


Axis single winder with storage in copper – check it out HERE

  • Watch

If you have the budget to afford a beautiful watch for your loved ones then this certainly is the uber present. Nevertheless you don’t need to have a huge budget there are a lot of cool pieces that are waiting for pick up 😉. A @swatch for example is always a safe bet. The Swiss brand offers a lot of heritage and among collectors is highly reputable.

Check out the watch HERE

  • Watch straps

Not on top of everyone’s mind but more and more people are styling their watches ‑ especially because of IG. Styling is becoming an essential part of the watch collection scene.
I really like colours and there are a lot of options out there ‑ of course I would always recommend one of @hirschthebracelet straps because in my opinion they are the best.
Like this caoutchouc rubber camouflage strap 💚.

HIRSCH John bracelets – find them HERE

HIRSCH has just recently introduced their new assortment with a quick exchange mechanism to change your watch style on a daily basis.

  • Accessories

The next 2 suggestions are bracelets, jewellery bracelets to be exact. This for sure is a great product seeing the even men are opening up to the idea of wearing more on the wrist than just a watch. The brands @oskargydelldesign and @miansai are 2 brands I love and offer high quality and subtle design. If you want more colour than this mixed stone bracelet is your best choice ‑ if you want it more inconspicuous then go for the silver cuff.

If you like this bracelet you can buy it via the Oscargydell website – HERE

If you prefer the cuffs and more minimalistic jewelry than check out Miansai – you can find the cuff HERE


Have a wonderful time with your families, enjoy the holidays and a happy new year!


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