8 ways to style your Rolex Submariner

This guide will show you 8 different ways on how you can style your Rolex Submariner depending on your personal style.

Nr. 1: Sustainable

Embracing the wooden look is a perfect way to show your concern for the environment but also look good. Bracelet: @hirschthebracelet Birch

Nr. 2: Classic white

It’s always a classic don’t you agree? Bracelet @hirschthebracelet Rainbow

Nr. 3: Denim

Well we all like jeans 👖 right 😉. So why not on the wrist. Bracelet: concept denim

Nr. 4: Vintage

An all time favourite and an absolut safe move for all you vintage lovers. The sub can pull it off 👌🏼. Bracelet: @hirschthebracelet Liberty

Nr. 5: Camo

The Camo look is been trendy for quite some time. Definitely something you can try out if you want something a bit out of the ordinary. Bracelet: @hirschthebracelet John

Nr. 6: Real men wear pink

Why not? Of the sub can pull it off you can too!
Bracelet: @hirschthebracelet Lindsey

Nr. 7: Salmon 🍣

Been trendy for dials so why not give it a try as a watch strap? Bracelet: @hirschthebracelet Lindsey

Nr. 8: Green as can be

Especially in autumn and spring green is an easy colour to pull off. Combined with the elegance of alligator skin it sure dresses up the Sub don’t you think? Bracelet: @hirschthebracelet London Matt green

Hope you enjoyed this styling! If you want to learn more or have any questions please comment down below or send me a DM on Instagram. Thank you

Cheers Niko!

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