why coloured dials are seeing a comback

More and more brands have been seen dropping watches with colourful accents, dials and straps. In this article I will let you know why I believe that we will be seeing more colours in the future and why I think that coloured dials are a thing right now.

Colours are not new to the watch industy. Brands have been playing with them for a while now. But they have been utilizing rather conservatives colours in the past (except for some exceptions e.g. Rolex Stella Dials on the DayDate). In the past few years however brands have become more daring. We’ve seen more colours on dials and straps especially on ladies watches. Nevertheless mens watches have been catching up.

I remember a visit at the Glashütte Original booth during BaselWorld 2018 (when Swatch Group was still there) where they introduced the Sixties watch with a green dial.

Glashütte Original Sixties

This is only one example. Other brands such as Breitling have been working with coloured dials tool. (e.g. Superocean)

Forward to 2020, we see a lot more colours becoming popular.

Carl F. Bucherer’s Patravi TravelTec for example

Vivid and bright throughout the year: The Patravi TravelTec Color Edition Four Seasons. (KEYSTONE/Carl F. Bucherer)

Or DOXA’s SUB 1500T

Nomos’s Club Campus 38 Cool Hunting in various colours

Last but not least Rolex newest release the updated Oyster Perpetual in colourful variations easily blending in with all other brands that have released coloured dials.

It is very interesting to see that there are similarities throughout the brands. All coloured dials are very similar and utilize the same colour palette. We see a lot of turquoise, yellow and green.

Why are watch brands doing this? My guess would be that it has to do with consumer attention. We all know that flashy things and bright colours attract our attention and I believe that more than ever that brands are needing to stand out, especially when it comes to social media. In addition to that consumers are seeing so many things every day that they need these flashy impulses to become aware of what they might be interested in adding to their collection next.

These are only my thoughts, but I’d love to hear what you have to say.
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