The next evolution of the Rolex Submariner

1st of September 2020 marks a new generation of Rolex Submariners. After its introduction in 1953 being the first diver’s watch waterproof to 100 meters, it has experienced several evolutionary updates and received a couple of facelifts.

In 1969 the Submariner Date was added to the collection and 10 years later the waterproofness was increased to 300 meters. Since then it has found appeal well beyond the original beginnings of deep-sea diving.

Oyster Perpetual Submariner

Whats new with this current evolution of Submariners?

  • Case is now 41mm with slimmer lugs
  • Bracelet is now 21mm
  • Slimmer crown guards
  • rounded case
  • 3230 caliber (no date) / 3235 caliber (date) – 70 hours of power reserve

My thoughts:

41mm was a little shock for me. The simple reason being is that I have small wrists and therefore prefer watches around 38-40mm. Nevertheless from what I have heard from colleagues that had the chance to test drive the new Submariner, is that it looks and feels smaller and more comfortable on the wrist and doesn’t wear like a 41mm. In my opinion Rolex is a master in perfecting their watches and this update of the Submariner is surely the next evolutionary step. For most Rolex fans and collectors the 41mm case will definitely work well and will also fit in great with the GMT Master and the SeaDweller.

Which is your favorite piece and what are your thoughts on the new release?


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