A different perspective on Dress Watches

The dress watch – a must in a man’s watch collection. A very peculiar type of watch. Usually acquired for a single purpose, that being pairing them with suits, tuxedos or any other formal clothing. For the majority, the dress watch is simply that.

In fact, it’s a simple watch mostly made out of precious materials such as gold. You can also find some pieces by brands made out of steel. One example being the Waltz N°1 by Carl Suchy and Söhne.


Other typical characteristics of dress watches are that they are generally smaller in size (34mm-42mm) & usually very thin. It’s an elegant watch that is why most of them only tell the time & are reduced to an hour and a minute hand. It’s supposed to be super simple & barely noticed. Nevertheless on rule you should definitely never break is to wear these precious watches during outdoor activities or even go swimming with them. It’s one of the biggest faux pas to make because they simply aren’t built for these kinds of activities.

Now that we have got the basics – let’s dive into the styling side of dress watches:

Collecting has evolved from its classic beginnings & the etiquette when to wear which type of watch has been greatly loosened. With rappers sporting Patek Philipp in joggers & sweatshirts – the rules for watch & clothing combinations have become more creative. In that sense you should still pair dress watches with appropriate clothing, unless you are a rapper or some kind of artist that has a super extroverted style. The easy way to go ahead is to wear it. Pair them to jeans & a white t-shirt or a hoodie.  Just bear in mind to not over do it.


The same principal applies to the type of strap or how I like to call it the “dress of the watch”. Dress watches are elegant so don’t make the mistake of wearing them on rubber straps or metal bracelets. The right way is pairing them with black, brown, blue or in rare occasions white leather straps. They should match the thickness of the case & be made out of exotic materials like alligators or crocodiles. Animal prints are also okay.

In the event of really wearing a dress watch to a formal event there are some things to keep in mind. You should match the colour of the dial to time of day. Also make sure the watch is appropriately sized to fit your wrist and sits neatly under the cuff of your shirt. Also pair the rest of your jewellery, accordingly, meaning that the colour of your watch should match the buckle of your belt & other accessories.

Pink goldAll in all, it really comes down to what you enjoy wearing. Your personal style & the way you desire to add watches to your outfits. Wear them to work, in your free time & if you can to formal occasions. Dress watches are supposed to be worn and not to be kept in a box. They are part of our life & should be filled with stories and memories.

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