Why wearing a watch today isn’t the same as in the past!

Wearing a watch today is not the same compared to wearing a watch many years ago.
In today’s world it’s not necessary anymore to read the time on your watch – there are far more effective ways to do it (e.g. phone). With wearables and smartwatches, telling the time has become obsolete for the analoge world. 
However this does not change the fact that the Swiss watch industry is booming and that watches are still highly demanded by consumers. Watches are still the number 1 accessory for men and still a loved part of daily styling for women.
In my opinion watches have never been more important for the daily style experience. Nowadays through quick exchange straps its not necessary anymore to buy a bunch of watches. These straps enable the wearer to transform the look of the watch depending on the style.
Watches for me are pieces of art and style. Over time these pieces of art (the watch) transform and with every scratch and every journey they soak up all the memories. It’s like having your own pensieve (for those who aren’t Harry Potter fans a pensieve is Dumbledores memory storage device – see picture 2).
Picture 2: Pensieve from Harry Potter
For example ever since owning my Rolex Milgauss, I have accumulated several scratches and each one of those represents a memorable day or event. The first scratch it received was made on the very first day of owning it.


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