A Watch Nerds Holiday Gift Guide

Ever wondered what to gift to your fellow watch nerds? Maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife or one of your friends is a watch enthusiast. So what do you gift them besides watches of course ;).

In my quest to find the ultimate gifts that I would appreciate.  I have identified 3 things that are in my opinion absolutely necessary for a watch geek.

  • Watch storage / winders

You always need a safe and secure gadget for your watches. In this case I rely on Wolf. They have great quality and have been in the business since 1834. Big plus there are a lot of different options to choose from and the styles are very appealing.

Check them out HERE


Axis single winder with storage in copper – check it out HERE

  • Watch books

There are many books about watches. It really depends which brand you would like to learn about or what type of watches. Hodinkee has a very extensive collection on books about watches.


They just recently released a guide on watches. A good read for beginners to horological experts. Check it out HERE

One of the more popular books about watches is a piece called: “A man and his watch”. A book about the stories behind watches. Check it out HERE



  • Watch straps

When it comes to straps there are a lot of brands out there. I look fo quality and design, but mainly quality that is why I always get my bracelets from HIRSCH. They are probably the most well known brand for watch straps and they produce for many of the brands too.

HIRSCH Osiris Nubuk bracelets – find them HERE

HIRSCH has just recently introduced their new assortment that will be in stores beginning of next year with a quick exchange mechanism to change your watch style on a daily basis.


Have a wonderful time with your families, enjoy the holidays and a happy new year!


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