How to style #2 – Omega Speedmaster

In the second episode of the how to style series you guys have chosen the Omega Speedmaster via my Instagram Stories.

I’ll show you how I would style the Speedy.

3 styles have been selected – elegant, colorful and sporty. Let’s get right into it 👍.

1) Elegant:

For this style I have chosen a brown Leather strap made from Italian calf leather. This combo is specific to a more formal environment – preferred for business and formal day events.



2) Colorful:

This style of focused on a more extroverted look. Something for the fashionistas and color fans. Why yellow you might ask? It instantly sends out a happy vibe.



3) Sporty:

The strap chosen for this style is a combination between high quality rubber (called caoutchouc) and an alligator embossed calf leather on top. This strap is perfect for any outdoor or indoor activity and can easily be worn during an intense gym session – simply take it into the shower and rinse of the dirt.



Hope you liked this episode ✌️. I’m already planning the next one. If you want in on the vote join my Instagram to participate (follow here)


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