Favorite Watches #5

Let’s play another round of my favorite game “my favorite watches”. Here are my top 3 watches for the 3rd quarter of 2019.

1) Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726A-001

As everyone has been talking and seeing so many Nautilus watches on Instagram I decided to chime in and show you guys what my preferred pick would be.

I choose the 5726 solely because of how the dial is arranged (and of course because it’s a Nautilus). Everything on the dial is available at a glance and the simplicity of the design is what makes me love this watch. I’d probably try to get a metal bracelet in addition to the leather strap but I would for sure try to style in with many different coloured straps.



2) Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark

Just recently Tudor dropped this all-black version of their Black Bay Chrono and it certainly caught the attention of many collectors. In my opinion its the clearly defined colour patterns and the nice Chrono Tudor design that make this watch so popular. I love how the white accents combine with the black case and bracelet. The watch would look great on a red alligator strap or a colourful NATO strap. It sure offers a lot of styling possibilities.

As I’m clearly a big fan of the Black Bay Chrono in general this version was must on my list.


3) Rolex Yachtmaster 126622

Lately I have been thinking about adding this Rolex to my collection although I’m still not sure if I should but the Yachtmaster would be a very viable option.

The platinum bezel and the grey dial paired with the turquoise second hand and writing on the dial is what makes this watch very appealing to me. I believe it would certainly look great on bright coloured straps.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-17 um 19.14.33

Which of these 3 is your favorite let me know in the comments!


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