Keeping your watch fresh during summer

Some of you might already know this, but for those who don’t I will share my tips on how you can keep your watch fresh during summer.


Lets dive right into it:

  • Cleaning your watch and your strap on a regular basis

I believe this tip to be the easiest and most essential of all. If you want to ensure that your watches will have a long life then you should definitely clean them on a regular basis. Not only will you find dirt in various spaces on the watch, but whats far worse is that bacteria can build on the watch and on the strap. The best thing to do is to rinse off the watch with lukewarm water and use a toothbrush to get into edges. If needed you can use mild soap. As far as cleaning the strap, the best thing to do is to also rinse it off under lukewarm water and then let it fully dry on a towel. This works especially well for high quality straps as they are made to be cleaned to ensure a long life.

  • Exchange the bracelet on your watch

This tip shouldn’t be too unfamiliar for most of you. During summer temperatures can get pretty high and wearing a watch tightly on the wrist can somewhat become a pain, as the wrist is a very sensible body part. I like putting on a nato strap or rubber straps in summer as opposed to leather or metal bracelet. They don’t heat up that fast and allow faster transpiration. Compared to metal bracelets they feel fairly lighter on the wrist as well.

  • Check the ATM level of your watch

The last thing you want is water to get inside your watch. If you forget to check the water resistance of your watch this might be the result. To be safe check the back of your watch, everything above 5 ATM is safe to go for a swim or shower.

  • Have it serviced by a professional

If you’re really unsure about taking your watch with you on vacation then you should have it looked at by a professional. This might take some time so be early with it.


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